Passion, purpose and volunteering

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Darren Williams has had significant volunteering experience as detailed below:


Deputy Director Samaritans East London – 2005 -2012

Darren was a volunteer in Walthamstow, East London. During this significant period in his life he supported 'callers' by email, text, phone and in person. He attended the movements National conference for 5 years and was Deputy Director for 4.5 years. He remains an advocate of the charity as well as a passionate supporter of better understanding and support on Mental Health and wellness. 

Retail Trust Committee Member & Chair – 2012 – 2018

The Charity for people in Retail. Darren has been a Committee member from 2012 and was Chair from 2016-2018. He feels strongly about the opportunities that Retail can provide and is committed to continue to promote the work of the trust, and the industry which it supports. he remains a close supporter of the trust and its team, from the side lines.


2017 Retail Trust Celebration - LONDON